The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 4 – Sucking Delicious

Edwardo and Derek are joined by The Beard for this whack episode of The Time Spent Poorly Show! We talk about the Time Spent Poorly Brave Sam YouTube series. Derek is watching the NBA Western Conference Playoffs during the show. We talk that and Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5 when Edwardo's brother-in-law Jason calls in. We talk about Edwardo's second Weezer concert in one year and Derek's plans to go to the Blink 182 and Lil' Wayne tour. The Beard's brother Chris also calls into the show to talk about concerts and the Tool concert Chris, The Beard, and Edwardo attended together in 2001. This episode is whack!

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 3 – Meth Kills Bed Bugs

The audio on this episode is not good. There was a malfunction with the codec and I was not aware until after the recording. This is a backup from the youtube broadcast that was way too loud. Very sorry. There's some fun content in this episode though or I would have scrapped it altogether. Turn the volume down and bear this in mind. Beware SPOILERS!!!11 for Game of Thrones this episode. Edwardo and Derek, with announcer and recurring guest host The Beard  welcome Josh Elliot to the show. We talk about the new Brave Sam videos on our YouTube Channel. Rick's home remedies. Edwardo and Derek create a scene. Derek also talks about the Lars Von Trier depression trilogy and The House That Jack Built.

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 1- All Good Things Must Come to a Beginning?

Derek and Edwardo come together for the very fist episode of the Time Spent Poorly Show! Yet somehow...this is the second season. Weird. Edwardo slips up when Bree calls in to tell them the highly anticipated broadcast has no sound. Nice work Edwardo. Bree also lightens the mood with talk of death doulas. We discuss Avengers Endgame, Cobra Kai, Game of Thrones, and Sports...all poorly consuming our time.

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 63 – Weighing In

Edwardo and Derek welcome Rick Huddleston this episode. The guys talk about hockey on Thursdays, roller derby and reading emotion into text interaction. Derek talks about ending an old relation ship and exploding the thumbs up. Is Rick a serial killer? Edwardo talks about his recent trip to San Francisco and meeting Nick Sandow who plays Joe Caputo in  Netflx's "Orange is the New Black." Edwardo also has a new postcard exercise he plans to begin. Are you here with your family?

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 62 – Release the Kraken

Edwardo and Derek welcome William McClaine, host of the "Heroes United" podcast to talk all things Marvel and DC Universe. We also discuss Edwardo's new NHL hockey team. And guess what? He's not a bandwagon guy. Andy K. of King Sports calls in to make his case for a Seattle NHL team name. Also we preview the new Deadwood movie trailer.

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 60 – Something Something Child Stars Something

With Derek out this week, Edwardo helms the ship with the help of brothers Rick and Chris Huddleston to discuss many of favorite child stars from our day. We do some of that, but mostly other things, and that's okay. We go down many rabbit holes, watching some trailers and clips along the way. It is quite the joyous occasion of random nostalgia that can only be found on the Time Spent Poorly Network.

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