Ep – 52 – Meat & Potatohs: That’s Not A Real Mustache

SOUND QUALITY NOTE - furnace ran for the first bit of this show...sorry - For the final show of 2018 Ward and Derek welcome Ward's dad Wes for this episode where we talk current and past pop culture per the usual. Netflix pays 100 million to have Friends for another year. Why? We talk about the upcoming Deadwood movie, and the western genre in general as well as Jack Reacher. See you in 2019 when we'll have a call in line and the audio shows will be available the Friday after the Thursday night live show.

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Ep – 48 – Ten Bucks To Get Housed

Ward and Derek welcome Chris Huddleston for episode. We talk about the progression of the network and growing offerings, comedy, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, falling out of touch, and what we wear when and where we venture out in public and much more on this jam packed episode.

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Ep – 18 – Good Will Hunting’s Recycled Shirts and Chalkboards

Ward and Derek welcome special guest and old Basement Boyz alum Andrew. The three get together and talk about Ward's upcoming 10K race, Derek and Andrew's pigskin pick'em, recycling, and the possibility of breathing life into old Basement Boyz shirt inventory via Goodwill. Among other things, the cost of vanilla and the do's and don'ts of boxes at Costco, as well as, and of course, some Basment Boyz history.

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Ep – 17 – Proprietary Shenanigans

Ward and Derek welcome special guest and local business owner Myndie Vanhorn to discuss her business as well as all our our interwoven history with one another that dates back nearly 20 years. There is laughter as well as some touching moments in this episode. Myndie will be a return guest on the show! Thanks for listening!

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Ep – 16 – Standing Up Brocks

Ward and Derek are back after two weeks off, but you , the listener have not missed a beat. With New York behind them, Derek talks about his most recent stand up comedy outing and Ward and Derek briefly close the ending of the show with a health update.

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