The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 18 – How We Feel

This episode has lots of feelings. What kind, you may ask? Tune in and find out. The Hudds joins Edwardo and The Beard once again while Derek is out another week. The guys maintain an adult style theme far enough ahead of Edwardo doing questionable things with a rubber chicken to talk about the local city council and their fiscal irresponsibility. We also discuss a man filing a suit over the "X-Men" 90's Cartoon theme song, the rampant STD epidemic and much more.

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 17 – Apocalypse Now? A Lick of the Sun Tongue

The Hudds joins Edwardo and The Beard for another great episode. We talk about the strange casting of Jay Leno for ABC's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge ride at Disney Land, plus Netflix's "Explained" featuring our pending doom. We also talk movies, TV, and mortgages. We're very much adults. Now here's some Afghan Hounds that look like people that look like Afghan Hounds.

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 16 – Monetarily and Carnally

EEdwardo, Derek, and The Beard are joined by Jefscool this week. We discuss the upcoming Terminator sequel Dark Fate, James Cameron's shittiness in general, Titanic, of course, followed by a more than eloquent transition into camper and trailer talk. We also talk about the upcoming Scorsese film "The Irishman" starring Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, out of retirement. We even venture down memory lane and watched Pesci's death scene in "Casino." Things start to go south when we begin to about muffin tops and dressing in the 2000's of all things. This is one to listen to. There's even a Stallone style cliffhanger...

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 15 – Tapping the Vein in 30 Minutes to an Hour

Edwardo and Derek welcome hip hop pop artists and brothers "My-Key" and "Hawaiian Wearing Shirt Kid" to talk about their musical process and upcoming projects. These two talented brothers are all about enjoying the process and having fun while they're doing it. We play their tracks on the show "Ride Baby," "Numba One," and "Mint" that can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, and TikTok.

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 14 – Lofty Ambitions

Edwardo, Derek and The Beard are here. Edwardo gives an update on his bike from the previous week's episode and Rick shares his downtown Lewiston, Idaho Loft House experience. Derek talks about living in downtown Lewiston. We also talk about movies as usual, new and older. Derek liked IT chapter 2 (No Spoilers), the Disney Plus streaming package is coming, and much more. Enjoy!

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Friendish – Ep. 1: What Are We?

Bree and Kaitlin get together to discuss what they are. Meaning: What will this podcast be about? The gals go over their go-to spirits and what they hope to accomplish on their podcast. This before one podcast is a work-out of what is to come. Who doesn't want to see development in its purest form?

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